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Big Discount Powder Clutch 24v - PVC and PVC WPC Free Foamed Decorative Board Production Line – Xinquan Plastic Detail:

1.Features of PVC/WPC Free Foamed Board Production Line

This production line consists of special twin screw extruder, mould, vertical installed 3-roller calendar, and auxiliary machines, our company will offer formulation and full sets of technology of the complete processes. The production line has the advantages of large output, stable extrusion, and high foamed ratio.

The barrel and screws of extruder are specially designed for PVC and WPC foamed products extrusion, venting type design, the barrel and screws are bimetallic treatment, effectively reduce the big wearing problem caused by PVC and WPC materials, highly increases the service life of extruder.

Adopting PLC people-machine interface computer control,Siemens LCD. The operation parameters can be customized and showed on the display.

Material of mould is high quality alloy steel 5CrNiMo forging treatment, the surface of inner flow channel is under chrome plating treatment and polish treatment. The structure of mould adopts imported technology, the die cavity under hard chrome plating treatment and mirror type polishing treatment

The board thickness is easily regulated; mould lips are changeable, so when produce boards of different thickness only to regulate the bolts on mould lips is ok.

2. Main Technical Parameters

  Model SJSZ80/156 SJSZ92/188 SJSZ80/156, SJ65/132 SJP92/32
Product width  mm 1220 1600 1600-2050 2050
Product width  mm 3-20 5-30 3-20 3-20
Max. extrusion capacity Kg/h 350 500 600 450
Power of extruder  KW 75 110 120 75

3. Features of PVC/WPC Free Foamed Board/Sheet Products:

The foaming ratio of this free foamed board is high, therefore the free foamed board is of light weight, small density, PVC foamed board features sound insulation and sound absorption, heating insulation and heat preservation; fire resistant, self extinguishes, do not cause toxic gas in fire, which is very safe in application; All the series of foamed board have advantages of moisture-proof, mildew-proof, non-absorption of water, and good effect of shockproof. They are not perishable, do not go expansion or distortion or cracking after damping, It fundamentally solves the problems caused easily by wood products, therefore, the PVC foamed board is widely used to the harsh environment that the wood products can not be applied. The products are free from special maintenance and repair, easy of cleaning, which highly saves the maintenance cost of later period; insect-proofing and white ant proofing, which effective eliminate worms harassment; all the series of PVC foamed board are under special formulation for weather-proof, therefore, the board color is permanent, and the board is age-resistance. The boards are colorful, not only can be made into required colors, but also can be laminated with wood-textured film like nature features; high environmental protection, pollution-free, do not contents benzene substance nor formaldehyde, it reaches top grade European environmental protection standard.

4. Application of PVC free foamed board:

Furniture board in kitchen and bathroom, decoration board for buildings, advertisement lettering board, internal decorations in cars, trains and ships.
Change the formulation and operation situation, this production line can also produce the PVC+WOOD free foamed sheet. PVC is compounding with nature fiber powder as the raw material, employs high efficiency conical twin screw extruder, which can produce recyclable WPC board with such advantages as environment friendly, corrosion-resistance, damp-proof, moth-proof, distortion resistance, and can be processed under the same processing conditions as wood products.

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Big Discount Powder Clutch 24v -
 PVC and PVC WPC Free Foamed Decorative Board Production Line – Xinquan Plastic detail pictures

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